Special Services

At Cottingley Church we like to mark points along people's journeys of life and faith. Obvious markers are birth, coming to a decision to follow Jesus, marriage, and death. There are services which can mark any of these occasions.

For Children

We mark the gift of a new baby in one of two ways.


In this service (which can be done as part of a normal Sunday service, or separately), we give thanks for the new baby, name the child before God, and pray for God's blessing and protection on the child.


We also offer baptism for those who would like their children to be brought up as part of the family of faith. Baptism requires that families take seriously their commitment to bring children up as part of the church family, and we will work with you to decide what that involves for your family.

For people who want to follow Jesus


We also would love to talk about baptising adults who have made a decision to follow Jesus. This is the traditional Christian way of marking our decision to live differently. Talk to Lindsey about baptism.


Sometimes people who have been baptised, as children or adults, feel it is right to say again what baptism means for them. We can arrange for that to happen publically, we often do that at Easter, but talk to Lindsey about doing that at other times during the year too.


We believe that people decided to live together as a couple is something that is serious and that requires commitment. We also believe that it is something where we all need God's help. It is in this context that we would love to talk about marriage with couples from Cottingley. Again talk to Lindsey.


After a death the normal first point of contact is with the funeral director. You can ask for a particular minister to take a funeral; and we are always on hand to talk with you if you are feeling the pain of having seen someone you love die.

We would also love to talk with you if you feel that it would be good to remember someone you love who has died in a different way.