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The first impact of the inside of St Mary's is that it is a place of prayer. Although the present building is from the 19th Century, there are one or two remains of the medieval church which had links with Kirkstall Abbey. Maybe the prayers of the centuries passed into the walls of the new church, or, perhaps, the prayers of those holy men are still with us!

Every Sunday at St Mary's the Prayer Tree of names and concerns is brought to the altar.  On the last Sunday of the month members of our prayer and healing ministry use the Prayer Tree for prayer.

We have links with the schools in the area that also regularly use the church. We have good inter-faith relations and with our local Councillors

At the heart of our community is the Eucharist. The style of celebration during the week varies from informal and meditative to the more formal with both aspects being present at the Sunday Eucharist. Children are admitted to Communion after Baptism and some choose to be Confirmed first.

The aim of our worship is to open hearts to the heart of God in generosity and awe. If you have the chance, come and be part of the St Mary's family.









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