Sunday In Cottingley


Our Sunday services are generally quite informal. We start at 11am and begin with a short time of quiet, just to become aware of God's presence with us. We worship through singing songs, praying and sharing good news with each other. We hear some readings from the Bible, and someone (often a guest) will give a short talk about what they might mean for us today. We then pray, giving space for everyone to pray for themselves, for friends, family and others. We finish our service by being sent out to follow Jesus through the rest of the week.

Once each month we gather to share communion/ Mass/ Eucharist/ the Lord's Supper together. I have given it many names here because it means different things to many of us, depending on our tradition. We welcome all to share together at this time.

The service is normally around an hour in length, after which we have coffee or tea (and very often biscuits!). Its at this point we chat, we like to keep an eye out to make sure that everyone feels included at this time.